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Sake & yuzu
Fresh & intense

There are few things as refreshing as Yuzushu. Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit that looks like a lemon, but that will flavourwise actually be closer to grapefruit, showing a nice bitterness and aromatic intensity. In combination with sake you add depth while retaining freshness. Low in alcohol, and the ideal aperitif or base for cocktails.


The influence of the quality and character of water on the final identity of sake should not be underestimated. The minerals the water contains play an important rule during the fermentation process, as they are used as nutrients by the yeasts. To get a better grip  on the process, brewers prefer to work with water with a low mineral content. Hard water will on the other hand lead to a faster and more intense fermentation, resulting in a sake that often has a bit more emphasis on riciness and aromatic nuance. Nada, located in Hyogo prefecture is a hub of sake production thanks to the presence of 'miyamizu', hard water, and our sake offering would not have been complete without an excelling producer from this region. Fukuju was founded in 1751 and has used miyamizu sourced from the Rokko mountains since the start. Their sake is highly reputed in Japan, and the Kobe Classic has been served regularly at the Nobel Prize Ceremony.
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