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Japanse liquors

About Japanese liquors

Japanese liquors have become more popular in recent years, often at the expense of authentic sake. The days when most would look down upon these fruit liquors as syrupy and artificially sweet are long gone thanks to the efforts of quality-minded producers. The attention paid to the base products here is key to a quality liquor.

Likeuren Kanpai

Ume and Yuzu on the rocks!

These fruit liquors always start from a sake or shochu base, in which various kinds of fruit are macerated. The most common fruits used are Ume and Yuzu. Ume is a Japanese plum that is mostly found in Saitama or on the island of Kyushu. Its taste is pretty sour, and raw it is uneatable. The plums are often pickled (umeboshi), but its role in producing umeshu is more up our alley. Yuzu is an intensely aromatic citrus fruit, which is characterized more by bitter than sour tones. It plays an important role in traditional Japanese dishes, but top chefs around the world are discovering its potential in innovative combinations, thanks to its fantastic freshness.

Japanese fruit liquors are the perfect way of finding a bit of sun in your glass throughout the entire year. Chilled, on the rocks or in a creative cocktail, its potential is unlimited, and you’d be well off with a bottle in your fridge!