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Tokubetsu Junmai White


Tokubetsu Junmai White | sake 


Homare Fuji
Polishing degree
Savoury & round

Fujinishiki is one of the rare breweries that grows its own rice. The brewery likes working with Homare Fuji, a variant of the famous Yamada Nishiki, which is to become Shizuoka's flagship rice variety. The sake is a little fresher, a little tighter than what you would get with Yamada Nishiki. Clean, with a crackling impression, good for a summer feeling with some oysters and seafood!



Shizuoka won't ring a bell with most people who have visited Japan, but the majority of them will have visited the prefecture, as it is perfect to visit Fuji-san, the iconic mountain of Japan. Shizuoka has benefited from its proximity to the capital for centuries as the famous Tokaido, the connection between Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto, runs right through it, contributing to the region’s prosperity. Unfortunately, this did not immediately encourage brewers to produce quality sake as tourists will drink everything, but declining local consumption and popularity forced a turnaround in the 1980s. Fujinishiki was founded in 1688 and is still owned by the founding family, with the eighteenth generation in charge. The Toji, the master brewer, is a member of the Nanba-toji guild, whose roots are actually in Northern Japan. It is one of the oldest guilds in Japan with a history of over 400 years, and has had a huge influence on the development of sake as we know it today, light, a little frivolous but with focus!
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