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Shu Wa


Shu Wa | sake hot

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Yamada Nishiki, Kinuhikari
Polishing degree
Fresh & intense

Fukunishiki experimented with sparkling sake for years before being satisfied with the result. The quality requirements where stringent: dry, not cloudy, not 'ordinary sake with bubbles' and food-friendly. Shu Wa is impressive, elegant, sleek, and with a layering that you would rather associate with the world's greatest sparkling wines, an absolute discovery!



Hyogo is without a doubt the most important region for sake, not only in terms of production, but also in terms of history, culture and technique. Quality sake has been produced here since
the Edo period, mainly for two reasons: its proximity to the Imperial Court in Kyoto, which is an ideal outlet, and a concentration of rice growers specializing in the most renowned variety of rice for sake brewing: Yamada Nishiki. There is a complex ranking of villages and rice fields to identify the top growers. The downside is that an enormous amount of sake is produced. We searched for a real top producer for a long time, and finally found it in Fukunishiki, a brewery with a history of more than 150 years. Based in Kasai-shi, they work closely with the local rice growers to truly create a product that is so unique you wouldn't put this anywhere else.
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