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Denrin 28 MAGNUM


Denrin 28 MAGNUM | sake 


Junmai Daiginjo
Miyama Nishiki
Polishing degree
Fruity & elegant

28 refers to the extreme polishing rate for this sake. An extremely pure impression of Junmai Daiginjo, not overly abundant, elegant yet intense. Simply wonderful!


Throughout history, there are some regions where the sake industry developed stronger than others. Hyogo and Kyoto benefited from the proximity of the Imperial Court and the economic activity that developed around it. The North of Japan, on the other hand, was less interesting from an economic perspective, but still attracted many sake brewers thanks to the climate. Sake is very sensitive to temperature changes during the brewing process and as air conditioning and other cooling techniques where at the time not available, it was only possible to brew quality sake during the winters. In addition, Northern Japan is covered in tons of snow during the winter, given brewers an ideal source for pure water. 

Sake has been brewed in Miyagi prefecture for 500 years, with a focus on quality as a common thread through this centuries-old tradition. Miyagi's sake is characterized by its dry, linear impression, and quality brewers use only locally grown rice. The Tanaka brewery is relatively recent in origin and was founded in 1789 by Tanaka Rinbei. However, the approach here is resolutely traditional. For instance, the brewery was the first in Miyagi to start brewing sake according to the Kimoto method. The emphasis here is also on Junmai sake in order to emphasize the pure character of Miyagi.
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